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Democrats. I don't think they really knew themselves. Gerard Swope always has been a Democrat - it's traditional with him - but I don't know that he always has voted the Democratic ticket. However, his general attitudes toward life have been those of a Democrat, which, as I have said before and now say again, doesn't really mean very much, because the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, except for the one issue of free trade and tariffs, has always been an indefinable difference of attitude and a very changeable one from year to year. Teagle, I expect, would have been a Republican ordinarily.

Anyway, in those days we were not talking Republicans or Democrats - literally we were not. Everybody was grateful to Franklin Roosevelt for being President, no matter what their politics were. This was early. This was before the “Hate Roosevelt” movement got going - long before it. In that summer and autumn of 1933 everybody everywhere was full of praise for what the President was doing to save us. You scarcely heard a note against it anywhere. Teagle, however, stuck by and always was a friend and helper - even after the “Don't Like Roosevelt” got moving. Teagle became sort of persona non grata later on because some Senate investigating committee turned up something that he had done when he was the head of the foreign division of Standard Oil. I don't

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