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remember what it was. I think it was something about negotiations or oil arrangements that he had made with the Arabs or somebody else about oil in the Near East, which was supposed to be less than patriotic with regard to his own country. It was, however, a perfectly honorable thing to have done, as I remember, because he was doing it for his company. He was getting all the breaks for his company, and, after all, he was out there working for the Standard Oil Company. He wasn't working for the United States government, but for the Standard Oil Company. I don't suppose it ever entered anybody's mind until later that it was perhaps not a good thing to do what he had done, but he had done it in perfectly good faith. I never felt that it was quite right that this investigation had wrecked him, although there was never the slightest slur on his personal integrity - never. But he then became not available for public work, because this cry would always be raised against him.

George H. Mead was another member of this outfit. He was from Dayton, Ohio and was head of some steel company. I'm not sure we didn't have Charlie Hook on there too, I'm not positive about that though. We used him so much that I forget when we first began to use him.

George Mead was always a Democrat, but the others were

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