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most degraded miners I ever saw. Those mines in Iowa are very poor mines with a very low quality of coal. There would be no coal mining in Iowa if it were not for the fact that the State of Iowa has a law that requires all public institutions and all public buildings to use Iowa coal. So the companies that own the mines have as their only market the public purchasing of the state. They mine just enough for that. During the days of the depression those mines were so depressed that it was just terrifying to go there. I went there twice. The working conditions and living conditions are always bad there. Those conditions must have preexisted the depression. I've never seen such housing in my life. These rows of miners' houses were on a kind of sloping hill - not a very steep hill, just a gradual slope. I've never seen such houses. They were company owned houses and the miners lived in them as there was no other place to live. The worst mining towns in Pennsylvania are miracles of cleanliness and decency compared to these.

All mining town houses are dirty looking on the outside. That can't be helped. That's the coal dust that just comes. People who don't know the facts of life just go through these towns and groan about what dreadful places they are,

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