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the first time the President had met her - I'm not positive - but I told him who she was. I told him she would be on our side, but to be careful and not irritate the regular mining operators because they would think she was irregular. They'd be prepared to think that anyhow.

Anyhow, they handled the thing very well. Although they fought Miss Roche to a stand and didn't put her on the code committee, they did agree to move along on the code committee. I think they put her in some kind of a consultative relationship. At least they gave her a look-in on their code committee.

They came out of there promising the President that they would proceed to get their code, and they did, as a matter of fact. It was quite a long time, but their promise to do so as was sufficient to calm down the strike in Pennsylvania, together with the fact that Johnson authorized McGrady to say that the labor provisions of the coal code - which meant the labor provisions of all codes - would be put into operation at once without regard to whether the operators adopted a code of fair competition or not. I never will forget reading in the paper that McGrady had said those words, because I knew that neither he nor Johnson had any authority whatever to state by declaration that the labor provisions of the NRA would be put into operation prior to their adopting

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