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and she's in a position to make money. I'm sure she likes money and likes the expensive things of life. She spends money liberally. She told me once how she couldn't bear the way wherever she stays, probably the Shoreham, was furnished. So she insisted on them furnishing it all over and she sent down some of her own bric-a-brac and objets d'arts, because she couldn't live in this barren apartment. She had to have a little Chelsea statuette on her desk, and so on. Chelsea statuettes cost a couple of hundred dollars. They are very charming, but you're spending your money.

So I think she likes money and she likes luxury. That's perfectly all right. She wore beautiful clothes and beautiful furs. They cost real money. I think she liked all that.

What her real ambition is, I don't know, because I never wanted to become well-enough acquainted with her to find out. She's an excited person and I'm sure she enjoyed her work.

As far as social prestige is concerned, there's no such thing as ruling anybody out socially in Washington. Of course, there's the “cave dweller” group, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's only accident if anybody knows them. The “cave dweller” people know only the people

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