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I made a whole series of speeches in November and December mostly on NRA. I'm sure that at that time the people of the country wanted NRA explained to them. I was often asked to come explain NRA. I wrote an article in a ladies' magazine, I think the Woman's Home Companion, by request, which I still think was about the best simple statement of NRA that I know of, because it was very simple. It was boiled down to be the proper size for a magazine of that sort, and also, while not talking down to the ladies, it assumed that their economic knowledge was superficial, and didn't therefore use all of Alex Sachs's big words. I ran across the article a couple of years ago in going over some papers and I still thought it was about as good a simplified statement as could be had.

For that reason, and because I was Secretary of Labor, a great many organizations asked me to speak to describe the NRA. It was, in a way, propaganda, you might say, because not only was I trying to describe what it was,

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