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but I was seeking their cooperation, their understanding, and giving hope and courage that by the utilization, not only of this means, but by other legislative means we could pull ourselves out of the doldrums.

In addition, of course, the notes of my speeches for that period will indicate that I also made a good explanation of the relief situation - the CCC, relief, and necessity for WPA, or what was then called the emergency works program, or something of that sort. Probably I also ran in, and I'm sure I did, the deep-seated ideas of the prevention of unemployment by certain others types of legislation, leading up to what we now call the social security program - that is, the need of old age insurance, unemployment insurance, and the assumption that either the NRA or some parts of it would be permanent, or that there would be legislation to take its place with regard to the regulation of hours, minimum wages, and the prohibition of child labor. All of these I thought of in terms of being prime elements in a program of prevention of unemployment, which had always been recognized and recommended by many others.

My speech in Atlanta on December 12, 1933 may have had something to do with the NRA, but I really went to Atlanta for something quite different. This was my first entry into the South as Secretary of Labor. I had been in

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