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Senate side and on the Congress side too. He had a number of people in the House who were well-disposed, and they were all spoken to. Somebody in the President's office - I guess McIntyre himself - used to call them up and say, “The President is much interested in this. He'd be awfully obliged if you'd get this thing through quickly.” John McCormack was quite a factor and quite a figure in the matter. There was a man named Arthur D. Healey from Massachusetts who was also quite a factor in all these matters. He's now dead. I can't think of the others at the moment. It escapes my memory who these members of Congress were that were so useful, but there were a good many of them. McIntyre, I'm sure, tipped them off on this bill.

In other words, they were tipped off that the President wanted this, and then immediately when it was introduced on that Monday there was a barrage of publicity about it. It was given a great play. It was going to be the answer to all kinds of problems, and so forth. I may say that if you look back over what the press said at that time, I think you will find a very large degree of approval of the fact that it included the public works program. All kinds of newspaper editors had long ago been convinced that public works is one of the answers, one of the things you do when you have a period of unemployment. So although the first part of the

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