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she considered that one of the ways to be helpful was to give him a place to get out of the city and get out in the country for the weekend. There were always a lot of people at her country place. Anyhow, he had become very friendly with us. We talked at ease with him.

One day he stayed with us and went back late that night. Mary and I stayed on over Sunday night. We had supper in the little dining room which is down in the basement of that old house in the country. It had some very rare, but not elaborate, English country chairs, high backed old chairs, and other interesting antiques that Mary bought in England that were very suitable for that kind of primitive basement dining room that she had over there. I see the picture of us sitting around that table. Hugh and whoever was with him were going back to town. They were held up by a bad thunderstorm, with flashing lightning. Mary said, “You can't start back in this storm. You'll have to wait until this is over before you leave the house.” We had a good supper and Hugh talked.

I remember his saying, “I'm going to do this. I think this is the way to do it. I'm planning that. I'll go down here and do this.”

After he'd gone, Mary and I said to each other, “He obviously expects to be the head of it.” We agreed that he

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