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This good publicity which came out was largely operated from John Hancock. What actual publicity agencies he employed, I don't know, but John Hancock always seemed to be the one who was providing that publicity. Of course, after the thing was going there was a regular publicity department inside of NRA, but this immediate barrage of publicity favorable to the bill that broke out I'm sure was engineered through Hancock's office, which was Baruch's outfit.

I know that Hugh Johnson was not yet appointed when the bill went through. I do not know that the President didn't give him to understand that he was going to be it. I know that certainly somebody did. Perhaps ten days before the bill was introduced Hugh was saying, when he was with us down in the country, “When we get this bill through, I'm going to do this. When we get the bill through I think we should do this. We'll have it that way.”

He had become very friendly with Mary Rumsey and me for some reason or other. Mary wanted to be helpful and

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