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very well organized. Murray is an awfully good organizer. The very best, the most competent, of the organizers in the coal industry had been lent to the steel industry. The competent organizers are very experienced, very good. They are John Owens, Tom Kennedy, Allan Haywood, and a lot of others. Some of them are roughnecks, and some of them aren't as well known in the central offices as they are out in the coal fields. But they were all lent to organize steel and they were good. They were driving fast.

The technique is to have meetings, to keep the men sort of excited. The day they don'thave a meeting they get a leaflet. They get something printed in nice simple denunciatory terms. They take it home to the wife. They all talk about it. You've got to get the bosses on the run. This curious elation comes over them. There's a perfectly sound psychological analysis of it. Men have been told that they can't join a union for many years. It's been known to be the practice of the steel industry for many years. It was just like the men in Homestead whom I talked to who knew that they wouldn't be permitted to join a union, couldn't go to a meeting; they had to meet meaine the basement of the Polish Roman Catholic Church. So they felt suppressed. Once

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