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of human nature operates in there.

At any rate, all labor leaders know that if you get a nucleus of men who really understand what they want, how unions are organized, especially if they're men who are powerful and good fighters, one of the ways to get an awful lot of people in the plant to join the union is to pull them out on a strike on some trumped-up grievance, and a very sudden one. You don't want to give them much time a out it, or they won't come out, They'll think of another way. But anything is good enough to act as a grievance.

I think in the case of steel what bothered Phil Murray, the head of the organizing committee for steel, was the fact that, “We've been trying to deal with the company. They've been playing us off. They don't intend to deal with the union. They're just feeling.” That was the grievance - “They don't intend to let you join the union. They don't intend to take out the old open shop clause. They don't intend to give you a union contract. You've still got to sign your individual contracts and sell yourself down the river. They aren't playing in good faith.”

That was sufficient to make men angry anough to walk out before they thought. Of course, it was all

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