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the nail on the head when he laughed. He said, “Oh, well, you know John. John can always keep them entertained. He can always keep them on their best behavior if he wants to. John's a very useful man to have in a labor dispute.”

I said, “Does that mean that he was just bluffing along with Taylor and that you were rigging up something behind the scenes?”

“Well,” he said, “you've sat in on these coal disputes. You know that John doesn't like to do the details of a negotiation. You know that. He just plays the big first theme of the number. He doesn't show up again or have anything to do with it again until all the minor mesay little points are all through with. Then he always comes in for the blesaing. John's always there for the benediction.”

At any rate, I know that a good deal passad between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Lewis which made each of them speak of the other with a good deal of respect and friendliness thereafter, so much so that Taylor was very horrified when John burst out with his denunciation of the President.

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