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When you saw him, you immediately thought of an eagle. I guess he'd been old-looking for many, many years. I first met him soon after the Titanic disaster. I wouldn't have met him, except that Mrs. Florence Kelley learned that the lifeboats on the Titanic, and in fact the lifeboats on most seagoing vessels, had a launching system which did not permit lifeboats to be launche except from the lower slant of a ship on a listed ship. That is, the lifeboats that were attached to the deck on the side that was up could nto be launched. The davits wouldn't do it. She also learned that there was an invention - the “something or other” davit - which had been rejected by the shipowners as being too expensive which, in the cases where it had been used, had been successful in launching boats from the elevated part of a listed ship.

Mrs. Kelley was the kind of a person that, although it had nothing whatever to do with the other work of the Consumers' League, saw red because of the fact that there was a device which would have saved lives, both of seamen and of passengers, and that it was not on the Titanic. It was at that point that she got in touch with Andrew Furuseth, the head of the International Seamen's Union. From him she learned all about these davits

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