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However, there had been a strike in 1916. Whether the demands they made were just and proper or not, I don't know. Of course, the men telling you about it will say they were. At any rate, if I'm not mistken, Mayor James Rolph had always been a strong union supporter. The town had always been a union town. But there was some change in the political atmosphere at about this time and the city officials support the strikers as they had in other periods.

At any rate, the union wasn't strong enough to win the strike in 1916. The employers had been opposed to it. They'd had a big strike and the employers had won, When they won, they won thoroughly and ran the union out of town, so to speak. There had been no International Longshoremen's Union since. There had, however, been a certain amount of waterfront organization. Paul charrenberg, for instance, who was public official of Cailifernia the last time I heard about him and has been in that field for some years, was a part of the organization of the sailor and seamen that sent out of San Francisco.

Andrew Furuseth always had a big organization. He was probably the most picturesque man in the labor movement that I have ever known or seen. He looked like an eagle.

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