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Then I discovered held been educated at Yale. How did he happen to go West? Well, he was always interested in the shipping trades because his people had built ships in Connecticut. He got to California by one device or another temporarily, did wall, and stayed. His wife was a Connecticut woman too, by George! Every summer they went back to the old place in Connecticut. That was their summer home. So we got to talking along those lines.

Well, I saw that we were dealing with a man who wasn't completely self-made. You strike a more reasonable level earlier in the man who's got a background that involves the cultivation of the mind and the spirit and the use of reason, rather than the use of force an a method of solving individual personal problems.

Anyhow he went on the ask why I permitted this union to start. What kind of a government was this anyhow? Why did I lot this union start at all? Why didn't we crush them when we had them down? I knew, and I must know, said he, that the shipowners paid good wages, that the “slingload” was reasonable, that nobody was being killed by it. He went on to tell no how bad, things used to be and how much better they one now. Why did I permit this union? Why was it possible? Why was the President willing

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