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were talking about it out there.”

I saw a great light then. I passed over the situation, not saying too much about it. I said, “Yes, you know we have this proposal which has been under discussion for some time.”

He said, “I understand you talked about it with the labor leaders out there.”

I said, “Yes, I did. Did any of the labor leaders tell you?”

“No,” he said, “I heard it from somebody in Giannini's outfit.”

That was all they had picked up. I had talked to the labor leaders telling them it was proposed. I was trying to win friends for the proposed labor legislation, the proposed wage-hour legislation, which didn't have too many friends among the labor people. I told them about it. That was all. That was what was picked up. I always have thought it was the Giannini outfit that had that dictaphone put in, though I have no proof, no evidence, no nothing. Who else on earth would care what I said or who I saw? Anyhow, I said nothing that could possibly be of damage or a problem to anybody. It was an interesting episode.

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