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the most vituperative language. The language was really incredible.

On January 24, 1939 J. Parnell Thomas filed an impeachment bill against me. I asked for an immediate hearing. On January 25th the House Judiciary Committee considered the impeachment charges. The hearings were to begin the following week. On the 26th they decided to go at it immediately. On February 2nd I was asked to testify before the House Committee and did so testify on February 8th. Thomas accused myself, Reilly, Houghteling of failing to enforce the immigration laws against Bridges and Strecker. On March 1st the House Committee refused to drop the impeachment proceedings. On March 7th the House Committee agreed to pigeonhole the impeachment on insufficient evidence, appointing a subcommittee to draft recommendations. On March 9th the committee called for testimony from Bonham and R.J. Narene, an immigration inspector. On March 17th the members of the House Committee agreed that my procedures were not illegal, but demanded a strong note of censure in the disposition of the impeachment charges. On March 22nd the House Judiciary Committee was asked by the five man subcommittee to drop the charges. On March 24th the House tabled the Thomas resolution. That was the end of it.

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