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Dies was attacking me all through this period. Then after the Department of Justice, responding to this letter of mine, had said that they would take it to the court, he attacked Jackson. He attacked Jackson for having taken the Strecker case to the Supreme Court, which, according to Dies, gave me an excuse for postponing Bridges' deportaion. All this annoyed him so he went after Jackson for having done it. He made representations as to how the Department of Justice and Jackson, as Solicitor General, could properly try this case. Jackson handled Dies very well, and, I think, told him that if he didn't like the way it was being handled he, Dies, could either try it himself or interpose as a friend of the court

From the time the Department of Justice got the case I really paid very little attention to the case itself, because it was in proper hands. From that time it was the Attorney General's problem and the problem of the Supreme Court. We had no part whatever in anything that went on there. So I stopped thinking about it much.

At that time the thing that kept my mind occupied was how to handle myself and how to behave myself under this barrage of attack which went on all over the country. It was led originally by West Coast excitables, but was joined in enormously by Martin Dies in the Congress, with

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