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I ever heard one of our conciliators say, “I think they are Communists. I think these fellows are Communists. They're there for no good purpose. They've got no business there. They've nothing to do with the automobile industry, and certainly not with Auto-Lite, which is a parts supplier. They are the ones that crowd the streets. They're the ones that stir up everybody. This is a very serious and dangerous business.”

Since the Governor of Ohio wouldn't, I moved then. I said we would do the best we could and that I would send a conciliator in. They wanted me to come myself. The Toledo Blade started a campaign of, “Why doesn't the Secretary of Labor come out? Why does she send these fuddy-dud old conciliators? What are these old men that they sond in here? They don't know how to do anything. Send a strong person in here. Send someone who really represents the government.”

In desperation I had to move quickly. It was out of the question for me to go. So, as I've already said, I told them that McGrady was the ace conciliator and I was sending him. That got McGrady out there. McGrady, the Mayor, and the editor of the Toledo Blade, whom we appointed to the conciliator committee, did a really

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