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The 1936 election of Roosevelt seemed to me to be an important item in American history for this reason. When the campaign came to be laid out by both parties, it appeared that the Republicans were practically hopeless, or they would not have nominated Landon. The Democrats, on the other hand, were by no means sure that they had a perfect set-up and that they were almost certain to win. There was confidence in some quarters, but by no means in all quarters. They did not think it was a walkaway. This was true of the party management - not of Jim Farley, but of the party management generally, of the Congressmen and Senators, and other usual Democratic voters with whom I had opportunity to talk.

It was, of course, a foregone conclusion that they would nominate Roosevelt. There was no question of that. So there was no struggle for nomination. The convention was a very pleasant time for all. It was in Philadelphia. I went to it and stayed right in town at a hotel, instead of going out, as I usually do, to

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