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Bryn Mawr. We went to the reception in Independence Hall, which the Mayor, who was a Republican by the way, gave. The Chamber of Commerce and city officials were always glad to have a convention in the city. But there was no contest, no fight, nobody was mad at anybody. There was none of that usual excitement of a convention. The Democrats were praising themselves.

The only thing that was plainly worrying was the fear that we would adjourn too soon, because the Chamber of Commerce had been promised that we would stay in session for three days. There wasn't anything to stay in session for, but the Chamber of Commerce, who had laid out a lot of money, as had the merchants, to entertain the convention, wanted three full days to collect on. So all kinds of things were done to spread it out. I remember that plainly. We got up little women's meetings for something to do in the afternoon. It was quite a problem, because you couldn't possibly have the nomination and close up until the three days had finished. That was the principal thing I remember, and people grumbling about their hotel accommodations. Some people had their accommodations way down on Chestnut Street, down almost near Independence Hall. There was a new hotel there, but it wasn't swank enough. The Belle vue-Stratford was still the center of

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