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arose and the board sought some authorization for what were becoming useful practices. Executive Orders issued in December 1933 and Februray 1934 provided for holding elections, for forcing compliance with decision of the board and with 7(a) generally. They also gave the board power to make certain regulations.

In the early summer of 1934 Congress passed a joint resolution prohibiting certain specified acts by employers, acts commonly found to exist as interference with employee's rights of self organization. The resolution also provided for a legally constituted board to administer the resolution and the law.

The early informal board has been widely successful but many problems had developed and the members who had actually been mediators and special conciliators concurred in recommending to the President that he sign the resulution and appoint a legal board with some authority to secure compliance.

On June 29, 1934, the President issued a new Executive Order creating the National Labor Board as of July 9, 1934.

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