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Lloyd Garrison, of Wisconsin, who had often acted as mediator at the request of the voluntary National Labor Board, was appointed Chairman. Harry A. Millis, of the University of Chicago, an experienced labor arbitrator, was appointed a member of the Board. Edwin Smith of Massachusetts was the third member. I suggested him in order to give some aspect of employer knowledge and sympathy to the Board. He had formerly been executive secretary of the New England Council, a kind of enlarged Chamber of Commerce, and was widely acceptable to employers. Garrison took the post of chairman with the definite understanding that he would serve only until October when he must return to his duties as Dean of the Law School at the University of Wisconsin. He did so return in October and Francis Biddle succeeded him as Chairman.

Even before the Supreme Court decision in the Schechter Case which was in May 1935, and the consequent collapse of the NRA, Senator Wagner had introduced a bill making a permanent institution of the National Labor Relations Board and specifying in considerable detail its duties and procedures and the prohibitions to employers and the rights of workers.

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