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the operation of the Democratic party. I remember making a lot of new acquaintances among women Democrats. They were there in great numbers apparently.

The platform was what engaged my attention most of all. The Platform Committee meetings, although amiable, were long drawn out with discussions, because some of us would appear and wanted even stronger labor and social reform items in the platform than the people who were drafting it had down. We gathered up our cohorts. We'd hold a breakfast of women's organizations. They would cheer at having stronger social reform measures. One of the things I wanted to get in, and did get in, was the idea that we would have legislation with regard to the wages and hours of labor to take the place of the NRA stuff. I wanted us to pledge that absolutely and wanted us to pledge further support of the International Labor Organization, further progress in liberalizing the Social Security Act to bring more people under it. The Social Security Act was already through, but the Wage-Hour act was not through, had not even been introduced, I think. I had some words to say about the abolition of child labor. We got a plank in on that that was really very satisfactory all told. We abandoned the idea of a

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