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and the Treasurer of the United States just stops your pay. You don't get your next pay check. That was that. After that I heard no more about it.

I think she did some work for the union for a little while, but that gave the union in our Department quite a black eye. The other employees tended to think that they had bad eggs in that union. The great mass of the employees in the Department of Labor belonged to the old union, commonly called Luther Steward's organization. It's not a union, not affiliated with anything. It's an organization to promote the interests of its members and anybody who is a civil servant is eligible to belong to it, and they do promote the interest of their members. They have been the authors of most of the legislation that has been favorable to civil servants for the last forty years. Most of the people in the Department of Labor belonged to it.

A small group of people - small in relation to this large group - belonged to the AF of L, which has a union of government employees, and has had for some time. A few faithful AF of L'ers, people who have come out of the trade union movement to a great extent, belong to that.

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