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contracts. However, it was rather large in its influence.

So this had been in my mind all of the time and he had agreed. I said, “We'll have to study it. That's all that can be done. We'll have to make most careful studies, both of the law and of any openings that there may be in the decisions to see if there is some kind of a law that can slip in between the decisions and be practical, because the time has come, as you can see if you look at the country, when it's essential that there should be a basic minimum wage act for the whole country, and a basic maximum hours program for the whole country. That's what is the matter now. We've got these runaway manufacturers running out of New York State where we've got a minimum wage law, where we've got an hours of labor law. It's only for women, to be sure, but the hours of labor for women tend to become the maximum hours for men. You get a ten hour law for women and men don't work over ten hours. You get an eight hour law for women, as we already have in New York State, and then nobody works over eight hours. We've got a child labor law that doesn't permit children under fifteen to work for wages in New York State. So what we've seen in that out of a good state, with good regulations, we've had a run away to New Hampshire of the industries. The

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