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This was particularly noticeable in Hillman. I remarked that. I had begun to be very shaky about Hillman within the previous year, as to whether he could stand personally the excitement and the afflatus that goes with being somebody in the world, whether his very solid virtues, that I had known about and seen in the past, were going to just sort of collapse around him. He perhaps would then do things that would not be regarded as noble, admirable and high minded in a situation of power. I was just beginning to feel it. I don't say that this evening solidified it particularly, because one doesn't allow oneself to be influenced in action by mere ideas that cross one's mind. But I remember this and I remember it as strengthening my feeling of, “You'd better look out for what you do with Hillman, just kind of watch out. Be sure you know what you're doing.”

However, that was the end of the convention to all practical purposes. The next day they probably adopted the platform, appointed standing committees, somebody gave a benediction and that was that. By that time everybody was leaving.

After Walker drove me home I met Mrs. Livingston, as I always did, on a stool at the soda fountain. I never disappointed her in meeting her. As a matter of

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