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New Deal.”

Well, I remembered that. Wyzanski had been over to see him and the other lawyers in the NRA to try to put forth his idea that something could be salvaged. At any rate, my suspicions of Homer Cummings being the architect of the fight on the Supreme Court were planted right that day. The plan backfired because of Homer Cummings' intellectual limitations. He couldn't see that it would backfire, apparently. There was vary little imagination in that man. One has to remember that Homer Cummings was a substitute as Attorney General. Senator Thomas Walsh of Montana was the man who was picked to be Attorney General. He died suddenly on his way to Washington. Homer Cummings was there. He was a member of the National Democratic Committee - may have been chairman even. He was willing. He was here. He would hold the fort. He came in to hold the fort, not to be the carefully selected Attorney General. However, he stayed on for an awfully long time. I think he was a pretty good Attorney General in many ways and had some awfully good people working for him.

However, that very day I felt very strange about what Cummings was thinking about during this interview. I certainly didn't have any suspicions then, or immediately

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