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a matter that had to do with the Department. Of course, you don't miss those opportunities during a campaign. If the conference of the prevention of industrial accidents can be arranged in September or October during a campaign year, and can be arranged in an area of the country that is doubtful politically, it's a good thing to do so. I had arranged it that year so that we had a number of such conferences where you had contact with a number of State officials and State people who were interested in industrial safety, or the administration of unemployment compensation. We had any number of conferences that year. We always had our inter-state conference on labor legislation in October and that year we moved it up into the early part of October so that it wouldn't come too late in the month. We had the State Commissioners in from all over.

We had a very fine political result from that. It was a good thing to do. We got lots of publicity. Out of a conference of State officials held in Washington you get an awful lot of local publicity - not Washington publicity, but in the States, We used that for all it was worth. Of course, that's a part of the political thinking of the head of a department - to think of what are the ways that he can at just that time emphasize the

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