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and the Attorney General, for being archaic, stick-in-the-mud and all that kind of thing, something happened. The court adjourned as usual in June. I know this following story from Mrs. Owen Roberts, who is a very close friend of mine, a girlhood friend of mine. I have know her forever. She is completely unconcerned about politics, law, judicial decisions. “None of them make any sense to me. It's just a lot of politics. That's the way the game is played.” I'm fond of her, but there is no intellectual rapport between us particularly. We're real friends and I used to see her a great deal when they were in Washington.

During that summer Mr. Justice and Mrs. Hughes telephoned to Justice Roberts and said that they were taking a little motor trip to see the country. They were going to be in Pennsylvania. They wanted to see some of the lovely farming country. Of course at once Justice Roberts said, “Oh do come out to the farm and see us.” He has a very fine farm where he raises very fine cattle. It's a good old Pennsylvania Dutch farm, a lovely place. The Hughes accpted with alacrity. They would arrive on a certain day and would be delighted to spend the night. It was a natural thing. They're all good friends within the court.

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