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So the Hugheses called and they had lunch. Then Owen and the Chief Justice went off and took the work. Says Mrs. Roberts to me, “All I know is that they walked up and down that terrace for hours. I said to myself, ‘Owen is no walker. His feet will drop off. What in the world is the Chief Justice talking to him about so much? Why don't they stop this?’ Twice I called them to come in and have tea, but they said, ‘Just a minute,’ and kept right on talking and talking, and walking up and down on that terrace, which is far enough from the house to be completely out of earshot, and yet it isn't actually down in the pasture where the cattle are.”

They had a pleasant dinner. Right after dinner Mr. Justice Roberts said to the Chief Justice, “I want to show you some old Pennsylvania court records that I've got. I've been collecting these old decisions.” So he took him into his library which was at the end of the house, a long way from the drawing room and living room - a good study, where a Justice who had to do some work during the summer would have a good place to work. As Mrs. Roberts said, “They were in there all evening. Much use we had of them. Much conversation we had out of those men. Mrs. Hughes and I talked to each other about the children, the servants, gardens,

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