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Papyrological Tools and Resources
For more extensive lists, consult the Papyrology Links offered by The University of Michigan
and by the Association Internationale de Papyrologues.

(APD) The Arabic Papyrology Database:  Searchable database of Arabic documents on parchment, papyrus and paper from the 7th to 16th c. A.D. (metadata and images).

(APS) Arabic Papyrology School: Interactive introduction to Arabic papyrology.

Banque de données des textes coptes documentaires: Searchable databank with information pertaining to Coptic documentary texts (metadata only).

(CPP) Catalogue of Paraliterary Papyri: Searchable catalog of paraliterary texts, including texts in what was formerly called the Catalogue of Mythographic Papyri (metadata and ancient language texts).

(Checklist) Checklist of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets: Bibliographical information pertaining to papyrological publications.

Demotic Texts Archive (Oriental Institute, Chicago): Collection of Demotic language material on the Web (metadata, images, bibliography, links).

(DDBDP) Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri: Searchable database of published Greek and Latin document (minimal metadata; Greek and Latin texts).

(HGV) Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis: Searchable database of published Greek and Latin documents.  To browse, try out the convenient Texte im HGV function (metadata only; links to images and to the DDBDP).

(LDAB) Leuven Database of Ancient Books: Searchable database with information pertaining to published literary texts (metadata only).

(LHPC) Leuven Homepage of Papyrus Archives: On-line register of ancient archives from Greco-Roman Egypt (metadata only).

(LHPC) Leuven Homepage of Papyrus Collections: On-line register of papyrus collections located around the world (metadata only).

Medieval Nubia: Site dedicated to collaborative publication of resources for the study of Medieval Nubia.

(M-P3) Mertens-Pack3: Searchable catalog of Greek and Latin literary papyri (metadata and some links to images).

Trismegistos: An interdisciplinary portal of papyrological and epigraphical resources associated with Egypt and the Nile valley between ca 800 BC and AD 800.

(Papy-L): E-mail discussion list dedicated to the exchange of information of interest to papyrologists and scholars of Greco-Roman Egypt.

(WL) WörterListen: Index (PDF) of Greek and Latin terms from documents published since 1996.  This is a critical supplement to the DDBDP, which does not allow searching of material published after ca. 1995.

(Bagnall): List of publications.  Includes full texts of selected articles.


Cologne:  Browsable database of papyri in Cologne (metadata and images).

University of Copenhagen, The Carlsberg Papyrus Collection:  Information to published papyri in the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection (metadata and some images).

University of Copenhagen, Institute of Greek and Latin:  A few images of P.Haun. and P.Oxy. papyri, as well as a link to an archive of negatives from the AIP International Papyrus Archive.

Geneva:   Searchable database of papyri in the BPU, Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire (metadata and images).

German Papyrus Portal: Searchable database of papyri in multiple German collections (metadata and images).

Giessen:  Searchable database of papyri in the Giessen collection (metadata and images).

Hawara Papyri:  Database of published Hawara papyri in University College London (metadata and images).

Halle-Jena-Leipzig:  Searchable database of papyri in collections in Halle, Jena and Leipzig (metadata and images).

Heidelberg:  Searchable database of papyri in the Seminar für Papyrologie (metadata and images).

Oxford:  Database of published Oxyrhynchus papyri (minimal metadata; images).

Rylands Library:  Selection of papyri in The John Rylands University Library at the University of Manchester (metadata and images).

Vienna:  Database of published papyri in the Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (metadata; images)

Vindolanda Tablets:  Searchable database of the Vindolanda tablets (online edition of tablets with text, commentary and images).


(ASP) American Society of Papyrologists:  Information about the organization and the publications it sponsors.

(AIP) Association Internationale de Papyrologues:  Information about the International Association of Papyrologists.  The List of Members has contact information of association members.

(IACS) International Association for Coptic Studies:  Information about the association, with E-mail addresses of members.

(ISAP) The International Society for Arabic Papyrology:  Information about the association, with a list of members (including E-mail addresses) and links to ISAP-sponsored projects.


(BASP) Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists:  Includes index of articles from past volumes and on-line table of contents of the most recent volume. Electronic articles from past issues can be accessed here.

(BIFAO) Le Bulletin de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale:  Searchable index of articles. Articles in vols. 1-80 for downloading (PDF).

(JJP) Journal of Juristic Papyrology:   Contents of volumes 1-31 (1946-2001) can be found here.

(ZPE) Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik:  With indices of all volumes.  Electronic articles (PDF) from vols. 80-133.  Articles in vols. 134ff. can be downloaded for a fee.


XXV International Congress of Papyrology: July 29 - August 4, 2007, The University of Michigan

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