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THE ARTS TODAY ARE INCREASINGLY GLOBAL. Yet most U.S. arts journalists, thanks partly to nonexistent travel budgets, are relentlessly local. Seeking to give journalists a more international outlook, the NAJP recently has begun to recruit international fellows.

Since 2002 the U.S. fellows have been joined at Columbia University by colleagues from the Netherlands, with support from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture and the Fund for Amateur Art and Performing Art. The NAJP is working to expand its relationships with funders in other countries to
increase the number of international fellows in the program.

In addition, the NAJP has organized numerous study tours abroad for current and former fellows. In 2005 groups of fellows and alumni are undertaking study tours of Barcelona and Berlin. Earlier groups have visited Havana, Dublin, Helsinki and St. Petersburg and Amsterdam. International issues have figured prominently in NAJP conferences and publications. The NAJP will continue to use its resources to enhance the knowledge and receptivity of U.S. arts journalists to the arts and culture of other nations.

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