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Charles Aaron–2001
Senior editor, Spin magazine

Jules Feiffer–1998
Cartoonist, illustrator, author, playwright

Hilton Als–2002
Staff writer, The New Yorker

Michael Feingold–2002
Chief theater critic, The Village Voice

Anita Amirrezvani–1998
Assistant entertainment editor,
San Jose Mercury News

Gayle Feldman–2002
Contributing editor, Publishers Weekly and The Bookseller (London)

M.J. Andersen–2003
Editorial columnist, The Providence Journal

Hector Feliciano–1999
Author, The Lost Museum; Freelance arts writer

Alicia Anstead–2001
Arts and features writer, Bangor Daily News

Enrique Fernandez – 2005
The Miami Herald (Miami, FL)

Gina Arnold–2000
Freelance rock critic (San Francisco)

Kennedy Fraser–2000
Journalist and essayist

Steve Barnes–1996
Executive arts editor, Times-Union (Albany)

Eric Fredericksen–2001
Writer (Seattle)

Holly Bass–2001
Contributor, Washington City Paper

Gwendolyn Freed–1998
Executive Director, Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies

Misha D. Berson–1998
Theater critic, The Seattle Times

Sasha Frere-Jones–2003
Pop critic, The New Yorker

Laura Bleiberg–2002
Dance critic, Orange County Register

Judy Gerstel–1995
Entertainment writer, The Toronto Star

Larry Blumenfeld–2002
Freelance music journalist, editor-at-large, Jazziz

Bill Goldstein–2004
Books editor, The New York Times on the Web, and contributing editor, WNBC-TV

Patricia Bosworth–2001
Author, Contributing editor, Vanity Fair

Edward Gomez–2002
Art and design critic

Caryn Brooks–2004
Arts and culture editor, Willamette Week

Randy Gragg–1995
Architecture critic, The Portland Oregonian

Tony Brown–1995
Theater critic, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Tony Green–2000
Freelance music writer

Robert Brustein–2003
Theater critic, The New Republic

Brandon Griggs–2000
Book editor and staff writer, The Salt Lake Tribune

Timothy Cahill–2000
Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor (Albany)

Anya Grundmann–2003
Freelance classical music producer

Robert Campbell–2003
Architecture critic, The Boston Globe

John Habich–2000
Fine arts editor, New York Newsday

Carole Carmichael–2003
Assistant managing editor, The Seattle Times

Minal Hajratwala–2001

Jeanne Carstensen–2002
Senior arts and culture editor,

Viva Hardigg–1996
Freelance arts writer

Robert Christgau–2003
Senior editor, The Village Voice

Carter Harris–1999
Freelance journalist and screenwriter

Peter Clowney–2000
Editor, Studio 360, WNYC-FM (New York)

Patti Hartigan–1995
Cultural reporter, The Boston Globe

Laura Collins-Hughes – 2005
Register (New Haven, CT)

Christopher Hawthorne–1999
Freelance writer and editor (San Francisco)

Thomas Conner–2001
Pop music critic, Tulsa World

Sandra Louis Heerma van Voss – 2005
Dance critic, NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)

Willa Conrad-2004
Classical music critic, Star-Ledger (Newark)

Jan Herman–1999
Arts writer (New York)

Arlene Croce–1999
Former dance critic, The New Yorker

Alan Hess–1998
Architecture critic, San Jose Mercury News

Francis Davis–2002
Contributing editor, The Atlantic Monthly

Noel Holston–1997
Television critic, Newsday

Jeffrey Day–1999
Arts writer, The State (Columbia, SC)

John Horn–1997
Staff writer, Newsweek

Paul de Barros–2004
Jazz and world music critic, The Seattle Times

Ann Hornaday–1995
Freelance writer

Anthony DeCurtis–1998
Contributing editor, Rolling Stone

Joseph Horowitz–2001
Author, journalist and artistic consultant on classical music

Jennifer de Poyen–2002
Dance and theater critic, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Marty Hughley–1997
Popular music critic, The Oregonian

Christine Dolen–1999
Theater critic, The Miami Herald

Hillel Italie–1996
Arts writer, The Associated Press

Steve Dollar–1998
Freelance cultural writer (New York)

Esther Renee Iverem–1995
Film/visual arts critic,,
Founder, Seeing Black, Inc.

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