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Emerging Challenges to Free Expression in the Arts

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WHETHER IT IS COPYRIGHT ISSUES such as digital copying and file-sharing, shifting social sensitivities or shrinking cultural endowments, the battle lines over free expression in the arts seem to be redrawn on a weekly basis. Traditionally, debates about free expression in the arts have been political and legal in nature, sparked by legislation, prosecution or other means of controlling the output of artists. The First Amendment has often come to their rescue. Today, many cases tend to be less stark, more nuanced and considerably more confusing for everyone involved.

The essays in this volume—written by artists, scholars, journalists, lawyers and art advocates, as well as foundation, museum and entertainment industry executives—expand upon the ideas introduced at the November 2002 New Gatekeepers conference convened by the NAJP at Columbia University. They consider how recent social, political, legal, economic and technological developments have placed fresh constraints on the way art is created and distributed to the public.

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