Love the song or hate it (thereby admitting Your soullessness), we all know that history would be deeply changed if Hollaback Girl were a self-referential contemplation on the intricacies of accepting one's name and place in life.

On that note, here is a comprehensive list of all clothing stores with people names:


-Calvin Klein


-Old Navy


-Mike's Gun Shop (355 Anderson Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022)

-The Official Roxbury Latin Rollfoxes Merchandise and Bookstore (

-The Baby Gap

-Banana Republic*

*This is a contentious subject of debate. In fact,


Resolved: Banana Republic is a better name for a child than a clothing store.

Help resolve the controversy of this ever-important list, once and for all,

at Hamilton 703, 8:30PM

A note of support and encouragement of bad work ethic and cheating for those lazy scoundrels unwilling to do their research:

    "Banana Republic (Russian: Николай II Алекса́ндрович, tr. Nikolai II Aleksandrovich; 18 May [O.S. 6 May] 1868 – 17 July 1918) was the last Banana of Republic, ruling from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication on 15 March 1917.[1] His reign saw the fall of the Banana Republic from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. Due to the Khodynka Tragedy, anti-Semitic pogroms, Bloody Sunday, the violent suppression of the 1905 Revolution, the execution of political opponents and his perceived responsibility for the Russo-Japanese War, he was given the nickname Banana Republic the Bloody by his political adversaries."  -Wikipedia

                           (This should be the answer to part D of Your CC problems sets)

Kachawshhh! (That's an Onomatopoeic whip sound)

Consider Yourselves whipped.

To ignite Your dreams, and give to You the stuff that magic is made of, the ultimate creation, The Idea come to fruition.

I bestow upon You, the Banana Republic.

This magic


Whether I refer to the person, his stylish clothing or utopic paradise that they create I leave up to gods much wiser than I.

At my mercy,

You (aka El Whippo)

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