"You honourable old men, go home. Yield to fate, before you hurt yourselves. What we've done here we had to do. Let our troubles end right now." - Clytaemnestra, upon burning all the Core books on a pyre in front of Alma Mater.

"I'm trying to write a book about what it means to be human, to grow up, to suffer and learn. Why shouldn't a work of fantasy be as truthful and profound about becoming an adult human being as the work of George Eliot or Jane Austen?" - Philip Pullman, leading the above book burning.

"Fuck it." - The Committee on the Core Curriculum, announcing their decision to swap out the entire Core for the Harry Potter series, each book getting its own class, with a final 3 point thesis project.

The Philolexian Society does something edgy relating to a contemporary issue, reads some books about vampires, and somehow still gets a B on the final paper before debating...

RESOLVED: Replace the Core with YA Lit. WHERE: Hamilton (look for signs) WHEN: 8:30pm Thursday, September 26th.

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  1. None. May the odds be...something something. Look, it's a Core requirement, I'll read the SparkNotes eventually.


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