"I can't be the candy queen forever." - Hillary Clinton, Living History (2003)

"Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. ;)" - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (1651)

"You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate bar." - Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy (1968)

"Trying to make strangers laugh is crazy and more than a little narcissistic." - Vlad the Impaler

The Philolexian Society goes out on a limb and decides to be the house that gives out popcorn balls even though they know how polarizing they are and joins to debate: R: You should take candy from strangers October 30 @ 8:30 PM Satow Room, Lerner (Come in costume - it's Philoween!)

News & Announcements: PHYLERING is tonight (Monday) at 8:10pm in the Diana Lobby, as usual. You should go! Also, prepare yourselves: November 13th is the day of the annual Alfred Joyce Kilmer (Memorial) Bad Poetry Contest! Stay tuned for more details...

Surgam, Whipped Cream. I didn't even try with this one and honestly it's pretty gross, but hey.

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