Recent Events the Ukrainian Student Society Organized or Took Part In

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Spring 2007

Title of Event Time of Event Event Description
Ukrainian Pysanka Workshop April 4 , 2007 Renown artist Sofika came to Columbia to show us how to make pysanka's
SUSTA Conference at Rutgers April 21, 2007 Various Ukrainian Clubs met in Rutgers to discuss various aspects conserning Ukraine and Ukrainian student clubs in US.
Farewell Dinner April 29, 2007 Some traditional food before the exams.


Spring 2006

Title of Event Time of Event Event Description
Ukrainian Film Night Jan 26, 2006 “A Dangerously Free Person” by Roman Shyrman and short feature films by Serhiy Krutin “Inspiration” and “Once Upon a Time”.
General Meeting Jan 30, 2006 Come and talk and see what is in store for the coming semester.
Ukrainian Film Night Feb 16, 2006 "Ukraine"

A Cinematic View From the West.

New Ukrainian Club Merchandise March
Meeting March 7, 2006 General Meeting.
Ukrainian Film Club March 23 ,2006 Films of the Orange Revolution
Ukrainian Club Elections April 3, 2006 Congratulations Nastia on becoming the new president!



Fall 2005

Title of Event Time of Event Event Description
Welcome Back Dinner 9/21/2005 Traditional Ukrainian Food and Ukrainian Cartoons
Ukrainian Foreign Minister @ CU 9/21/2005 Lecture by Borys Tarasyuk - Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Ukrainian Film Club 9/22/2005 Watched the Cannes Film Festival winner Wayfarers, a short cartoon and the movie Consonance.
Klitschko @ AC 9/24/2005 The Ukrainian Club went to see Klitschko Fight Peters at Atlantic City. Klitschko of course won!
Ukrainian/Russian Soccer Game 10/2/2005 Played the Russian International Association in soccer.
Ukrainian Language Gathering 10/14/2005 Met at the Hungarian Pastry shop for some free desserts and fun Ukrainian discussions.
Soviet Horror Film 10/27/2005 Showing of the soviet horror film "VIY"More info found here
Ukrainian Chorus Dumka concert 10/30/2005 Concert at NYU
Theater in a Basket 11/11/2005 contemporary theatrical version of “The Dream”
"Becoming Natasha" 11/18/2005 Isadora Productions is presenting their Educational
Outreach Program with Becoming Natasha.
“TALENT DEFYING ADVERSITY: NEW FILMS FROM UKRAINE” 11/17/2005 Contemporary Ukrainian Films



Spring 2005

Title of Event Time of Event Event Description
Welcome back dinner and movie! 1/24/2005 Ukrainian dinner, full of pierogies and kielbasa, and watched the movie, "Propala Hramota."
Glass House Rocks Sausage Party 2/3/2005 Massive amounts of Ukrainian sausage... now thats a sausage party!
Ukrainian Film Club- "Friend of the Deceased" 2/10/2005 Ukrainian Film Clubs showing of Viacheslav Khrystofovych's film "Friend of the Deceased"
Faces of the Orange Revolution 2/18/2005
Photo exhibit. Works by Kyiv photographer Kyrylo Kysliakov, who documented the people participating in Ukraine's peaceful campaign of civil disobedience in November.
Study Break w/ homemade Ukrainian Desserts 2/23/2005 Makivnuk, Medivnuk and Chai! plust watching Ukrainian fighting Champion Igor Vovchanchyn!
Ukrainian Institute Person of the Year 3/8/2005 Banquet honoring the World Boxing Champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko! Check out the pictures in the photo section.
Ukrainian Film Club 3/9/2005 Meet the filmmakers. more info here
International Women's Day Party 3/10/2005 One Awesome Party!
Rhetoric of Presidential Elections 3/25/2005 The Language Policy and Language Development in Ukraine Roundtable Series presents a lecture by Antonina Berezovenko, titled, “The Rhetoric of Presidential Elections in Ukraine -- 2004.”
Maria Burmaka 3/31/2005 As part of “Maria Burmaka Songs and Stories from the Orange Revolution”, the popular Ukrainian singer Maria Burmaka, will participate in a talk, followed by a reception, during which the public will have the chance to hear a discussion of the influence of music on the Orange Revolution and to meet with the singer.
Maria Burmaka in Concert 4/1/2005 Maria Burmaka in Concert at the Ukrainian National Home
Eastern Bloc(k) Party II 4/1/2005 Party to Eastern European Music at Club Cotton!
Ukrainian Ministers at Columbia 4/2/2005 A panel discussion by top Ukrainian ministers on the change since the "Orange" revolution
Ukrainian Student Society Elections 4/5/2005 Elections for next years executive board
Ukrainian Film Club 4/7/2005
 The Many Faces of Contemporary Ukraine: Films by Valentyn Vasyanovych, Olena Fetysova, Oles Sanin, and Serhiy Bukovsky
Ukrainian Film Club 4/14/2005 Reconciling with History and Creating a New Ukrainian Identity on Screen. Viewing and Discussion of Oles Sanin’s Films “The Sin” (1999) and “Mamay” (2003).
Ukrainian Summit at Rutgers 4/16/2005 Summit/Retrospective of the past election and its effect on Ukrainians both in Ukraine and in Diaspora.


Fall 2004

Title of Event Time of Event Event Description
Introductory Meeting 9/15/04 Introductory meeting to meet fellow members and faculty.
Meeting with Ukrainian Professors 9/24/04 Tea and cookies with the professors of Ukrainian Studies. Played "TUG", The Ukrainian Game.
Klitschko and Wings! 10/5/04 Watched Wladimir Klitschko vs. Darryl Williamson with Buffalo Wings.
Ukrainian - Russian Soccer Game 10/17/04 Played the Russian International Association in Soccer at Riverside Park. Ukrainian Students Society prevailed after a long and close match.
Ukrainian Film Club - Mamay 10/21/04 Watched Sanin's film, "Mamay"
Ukrainian - Russian Soccer Game II 10/24/04 Played the Russian International Association in Soccer on the South Lawn. Won by a narrow sudden death goal.
Ukrainian Party @ KARPATY! 11/12/04 Party/Bar night for the Ukrainian Students Society
Ukrainian Dinner 11/22/04 Borscht , black bread and pierogies while watching Virsky!
Protesting Fraudulent Elections @ the consulate 11/23/04 Protesting the falsified results of the elections in Ukraine.
Collecting money for the students protesting 12/2/04 Raised over $440 for the students standing on Independence Square protesting the fraudulent results of the election.
Ukrainian Film Club - Kinomania 12/2/04 Watched the hit Ukrainian movie - Kinomania!