Goals and Objectives:
The Roadmap

Overall Goal: To develop effective strategies for performing the basic clinical skills of an effective clinician.

The specific goals of this clerkship are:

  1. To clearly identify the core skills necessary to function as an effective clinician.
  2. To develop explicit strategies/approaches to performing the core skills of an effective clinician.
  3. To perform these core skills in a consistent manner in different contexts.

Your overall goal is simple; it is to develop effective approaches to the basic clinical skills. Therefore, it is critical that you tackle all three of the above goals. All of your experiences should be seen as opportunities to develop these approaches. To this end, we are enclosing a description of these objectives - that you should use a checklist to follow your own progress. Notice, that there are only four skill areas to master - so your ability to monitor your progress should be straightforward. Do not be tempted to skim this material - if you take it seriously - you will reach the promised land - of performing effective clinical skills - consistently - much faster than would otherwise be possible.

The skills are:

  1. Clinical Skills
    • Data Gathering (History taking and PE)
    • Data Synthesis (How sick/Differential Diagnosis/Problem List/Systems Check)
    • Presentations (Oral/Written - in 3 formats)
  2. Management Skills
    • Level of involvement (Observer/Reporter/Editor/Independent Actor)
    • Efficiency
    • Initiative (Proactive/Anticipates Problems/"In the right place at the right time")
    • Communication and coordination with team
  3. Interpersonal Skills
    • Developmental Approach
    • Deals with families calmly
    • Competing Perspectives (Doctor vs. Patient - Time/Emotions and other inherent conflicts)
    • Team
    • Colleagues
  4. Knowledge
    • Core Knowledge
    • Depth of Knowledge

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During the first day of the clerkship:

By the third day of the clerkship:

Students on Inpatient:

Students on Outpatient: