Welcome to the Student Information section of the Pediatrics Clerkship Web Site!

This section contains the Pediatric Core Cases, the assignments that you will complete during the Clerkship, and a large number of reference materials. These materials should be used to better understand the roles you will fulfill and tasks you will perform as a third year Pediatrics student. Students are not expected to memorize these materials. They are provided merely as a reference to help students learn the skills of an effective clinician. You can also find information on resources available for your use during the clerkship including information about books that you will need to obtain. An overview of how students are evaluated during the clerkship is also available along with Tips for Success. Please be aware that the Goals & Objectives and general orientation materials can be found in the Clerkship section.

At the beginning of the clerkship, several documents will be particularly useful. You should go over the orientation checklist with your intern and read the page on Working on the Wards. You should then familiarize yourself with how to write a progress note, how to do an admission write up, and how to give a SOAP presentation. Throughout the clerkship you should be striving to understand normal and abnormal child development. Several references have been included on development including a document outlining Erikson's developmental conflicts, one illustrating Piaget's Eras and Stages, and a code card outlining when specific developmental tasks are normally achieved. Tips on how to perform the Pediatric Physical Exam and how to complete a Psychosocial Assessment of a Pediatric Patient are included and should be useful throughout the clerkship as you strive to improve your clinical skills. You can view a video on the Pediatric Physical Exam online.

Later on in the Clerkship, you can add depth to your understanding of the pediatric diseases by answering questions found in the Clinical Problems Supplement. As questions about evaluation always come up, the guidelines that attendings and residents use to evaluate students have been provided along with a copy of the Clerkship Evaluation Form.

Assignments and write-ups may be submitted to Jakki Outlaw hard copies will be greatly appreciated.

If you get completely lost or you are looking for a specific document, try looking at the site map. If you have any trouble viewing or accessing the web site please send an e-mail to the webmaster. Suggestions or questions about the content of this site should be sent directly to Jakki Outlaw.