Always in progress: "A Desertful of Roses: the Urdu Ghazals of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib." This is an extensive historical and critical commentary on the whole Urdu Divan-e Ghalib, along with many unpublished verses. It's by far the biggest piece of academic work that I've ever undertaken. I'm creating it as an *online project*, and I plan to work on it for the rest of my life.

Always in progress: "A Garden of Kashmir: the Ghazals of Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir." This is a commentary on selected verses (mostly those chosen and annotated by S. R. Faruqi) by the other great Urdu classical ghazal poet; the work also provides two kinds of indexing for the whole huge kulliyat. It's an *online project* that will be wonderfully endless.


Ghalib: Selected Poems and Letters, chosen, translated, and introduced by FWP and Owen T. A. Cornwall. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017: *on the CU Press website*

[In progress: Ghalib as a Persian Poet, by Owen T. A. Cornwall and FWP, forthcoming (but not for a while yet)]

Sources of Indian Traditions, Volume Two: Modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Ed. by Rachel Fell McDermott, L. A. Gordon, A. T. Embree, FWP, and D. Dalton. New York: Columbia University Press, 2014. I also maintain *a website* for the 'Sources' volumes.

Ab-e Hayat: Shaping the Canon of Urdu Poetry. By Muhammad Husain Azad [1880]. Translated by F. W. Pritchett, in association with S. R. Faruqi.  New Delhi:  Oxford University Press, 2001. xv, 474 p. In print. It has a beautiful *cover design* by Adil Mansuri. A slightly corrected version of the whole translation is now *online through DSAL*, with pages hyperlinked to the original Urdu text. And here are some *corrections* compiled by SRF that we will make in any future edition.

An Evening of Caged Beasts: Seven Post-Modernist Urdu Poets.  Selected and introduced by Asif Aslam; translated by F. W. Pritchett and Asif Aslam. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 1999. xxxiii, 248 p. In print. Here are *seven of my favorite poems*, one from each poet, with Urdu texts.

Basti (translation of a novel by Intizar Husain). Translated by F. W. Pritchett; with an introduction by M. U. Memon.  New Delhi: Harper/Collins, 1995. xxiv, 287 p. 2nd ed.: 2001. The whole translation is online *on this site*.

Nets of Awareness: Urdu Poetry and its Critics. Berkeley:  University of California Press, 1994.  xvii, 234 p.  [Karachi: Oxford University Press, 1995.] The whole text is available online: *at the Univ. of California Press website*.
[NOTE: There's an error in the Glossary that I've always wished I could correct: zamiin actually includes only the rhyming elements, not the meter as well.]

The Romance Tradition in Urdu: Adventures from the Dastan of Amir Hamzah. New York: Columbia University Press, 1991. xii, 272 p. I'm making available here *all the material I originally translated* for this project (about twice as much as was actually published).

A Listening Game: Poems by Saqi Farooqi. Translations from the Urdu of 35 poems by the modern Pakistani-British poet Saqi Farooqi, and an introduction, by F. W. Pritchett; with a general introduction by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi. London: Lokamaya Press, 1987. 86 p. Second edition: London: Highgate Poets, 2001. In print. Here is *my favorite poem* from it.

Urdu Meter: A Practical Handbook. By F. W. Pritchett and Khaliq Ahmad Khaliq. Madison: South Asian Area Studies Program, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1987. iv, 147 p. The print edition is out of print. There is now a revised *online edition of the whole book* available at this site.

Marvelous Encounters: Folk Romance in Urdu and Hindi. New Delhi: Manohar Publications; and Riverdale, MD: The Riverdale Company, 1985. xiii, 220 p. This was my dissertation; it is now out of print but available *on this site*.

Urdu Literature: A Bibliography of English Language Sources. New Delhi: Manohar Publications, 1979. xvii, 162 p. Long out of date, and out of print. But I am still very fond of *the cover design*.


Day and Dastan: Two Novellas, written by Intizar Husain and translated by Nishat Zaidi and Alok Bhalla.” Journal of Urdu Studies 1,2 (2020), pp. 276-280. (A review.)

The Sky in an Ant's Egg: Ghalib's Structural Poetics.” Journal of Urdu Studies 1,1 (2020), pp. 53-66. Here is *a draft version, with links*.

“Defending the 'Community': Sir Sayyid's Concept of Qaum.The Cambridge Companion to Sayyid Ahmad Khan. Ed. by Yasmin Saikia and M. Raisur Rahman. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. Pp. 159-174. Here is *a draft version*.

“Mir as Suffering Curmudgeon: a Historical Hatchet Job. Urdu and Indo-Persian Thought, Poetics, and Belles Lettres (a festschrift in honor of S. R. Faruqi). Ed. by Alireza Korangy. Pp. 167-178.  Leiden: Brill, 2017; *a draft version* (with accurate diacritics)

“A Thicket of Meanings,” a review of Ghalib: Epistemologies of Elegance by Azra Raza and Sara Suleri, Biblio (New Delhi) XIV,7-8 (July-Aug. 2009):32-33: *on this site*

“Lost in Translation” [a response to a review by Khushwant Singh of a new anthology of modern Urdu literature], Outlook India website, Jan. 22, 2008: *site*; here's my original submission: *on this site*.

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“‘The Straw that I Took in my Teeth’: Of Lovers, Beloveds, and Charges of Sexism in the Urdu Ghazal.” Manushi 136 (May-June 2003): [site]. Also: *on this site*.

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“A Date List for Urdu Literature--A Work in Progress.” by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi and Frances W. Pritchett. Annual of Urdu Studies 9 (1994):173-211. This has by now now evolved into *THE DATELIST OF URDU LITERARY FIGURES*, a collaborative online database maintained by Sean Pue with help from Shamsur Rahman Faruqi and FWP.

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“Ghazals by Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib,” translated by F. W. Pritchett. Delos 3,3-4 (Winter 1991), pp. 14-27: *on this site*. (Contains my translation of Ghalib's {5} (a second version), {49}, {126}.)

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“Travel Diary” (trans. of a poem by N. M. Rashid). Trans. by S. R. Faruqi and F. W. Pritchett. Annual of Urdu Studies 5 (1985):20-21: *DSAL*. We had also prepared for that issue a translation of part of "Hasan the Potter" (though it did not actually appear)

“Two Ghazals” and “Stanzas from Ghalib” (trans. of poems by Ghalib). New Letters 51,4 (Summer, 1985):126-130: *on this site*. (Contains my translation of Ghalib's {5}; {127}; {174,8}, {49,5}, {105,2}, {71,6}, {71,7}, {71,9}, {35,1}, {35,2}, {35,3}, {35,5}, {35,9}, {23,1}.)

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“The Raw and the Refined: ‘Comedy in rhe Urdu Dastan Tradition.” (A conference paper that never actually got published: *on this site*.

“Vikram, the Vampire, and the Story” [*on this site*] and “Literature and Love” [*on this site*] (translations of essays by Intizar Husain). In “The Writings of Intizar Husain,” ed. by M. U. Memon, special issue of Journal of South Asian Literature 18,2 (Summer-Fall 1983):144-148, 149-152.

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“Miss Pal” (translation of the Hindi story “Mis Pal” by Mohan Rakesh). Journal of South Asian Literature 14,3-4 (Summer-Fall 1979), pp. 99-118:  *on this site*.


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