Maps of the ancient world that were published in the 1700's

1711 *A series of atlas maps by Philip Cluver, 1711**
1720 *South and Southeast Asia, and Asia, by Weigel, 1720*
1731 *Western Asia by Besseling, 1731*
1732 *"Oriens, Persia, India," by Christophorus Cellarius, c.1732**
1738 *"Tabula Geographica Regni Assyriorum et Persarum," by de Launay, 1738**
1747 *Ancient Arabia, Persia, and India, by Osborne and Shipton, London, 1747**
1750 *Ancient Asia, a map from c.1750**
1750's *Ancient western Asia and India, by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, 1750's-60's**
1787 *Ancient South Asia by Rigobert Bonne, 1787**

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