MUGHAL -- MID (c.1605-1656)
The many manuscript leaves of the Princeton Shahnamah Project are beautifully presented; they contain text by a variety of calligraphic hands, and a rich variety of illustrations
More examples from *IRAN*
Shah Jahan's glorious shamsah, perhaps the most famous ornamental calligraphic design in the world
1600's, Nastaliq, Muhammad Salih, Kashmir or the Deccan; a very sophisticated example despite some water damage
An agate bazu-band amulet, Mughal-period(?), with repousee inscription in tughrah script
A Qur'an in Bihari script, from c. the 1600's
Leaf from a divan of Anvari in nasta'liq, probably from Golconda, 1630-35
A ruba'i by a Mughal calligrapher with the pen-name "Qalam"
A leaf from the "Late Shah Jahan" Album, probably part of the loot taken by Nadir Shah in 1739
Calligraphic piece in nasta'liq from an album, by Muhammad Ja'far Qazvini, 1674/5, Mughal or Persian
A leaf from an elegant Qur'an, 1600's, probably Mughal, with gold floral background designs


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