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This page contains links to reports put out by organizations listed in the left hand margin in alphabetical order. It also contains reports on Chad written by SIPA students. Links to many of these reports may be found elsewhere in the site, specifically as internal citations within the text.

Relevant Organizational Reports

Amnesty International:

2001 report on human rights in Chad:

American Society on International Law (ASIL)

Electronic Resource Guide to Human Rights:

Human Rights Watch:

-Human Rights Watch Report on Nigeria: reports/1999/nigeria/

-Human Rights Watch industry report on Corporations and Human Rights:


-Human Rights Watch Report on Hissien Habre:

-Human Rights Watch Report on Chad's Human Rights Commission: Report on the Effectiveness of Chad's Human Rights Commission (2001):]

International Monetary Fund:

-Extensive informational on Chad and the IMF:

Papers Prepared by the Chadian Government:

- Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper:

- Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper:

UNAIDS Inter-Country Team for West and Central Africa Report:

U.S. Department of State

-1999 and 2000 human rights reports for Chad prepared by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor:

-Earlier U. S. Department of State reports:

World Bank:

-World Bank report on the importance of capacity building in Africa:

-International Advisory Groups (IAG) Reports:

-World Bank documents and reports on the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline, mostly concerning environmental assessment:

Student Reports:

Anthony Merhi, "Multinationals and Community Development:The Esso Consortium in Chad," 2/24/ 2002:


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