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This website will examine the impact of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline from the perspectives of development economics and human rights. These two themes are discussed at length on their respective webpages, which can be reached using the links at the upper left hand side of this page.. Brief summaries of each perspective are presented below.

Teachers using this website in class may find it useful to divided their classes into five groups. Each group will represent 1) the Chadian government, 2) the Consortium, 3) the World Bank, 4) relevant local and international NGOs and 5) Chadian citizens affected by the pipeline.

Development Economics: The potential economic effects of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline are considered. This page looks at the projected benefits the pipeline will bring Esso-Chad, the Chadian government, local communities, and the general citizen of Chad.

Human Rights: Chad has a long history of government corruption and human rights abuses. The Chad-Cameroon Pipeline may exacerbate the situation. Preventing further corruption and human rights violations is of great concern to all major actors involved the pipeline project. This page considers the questions relevant to determining the level of corruption and human rights abuses in Chad.


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