Times Higher Education Supplement (2)

A Current Account of Activity

Read full article Review in the Times Higher Educations Supplement of The World Bank: Structure and Policies edited by Christopher L. Gilbert and David Vines. No multilateral institution suffers more from an identity crisis today than the World Bank. Globalization has brought private capital to the doorsteps of most developing countries, seriously undermining the Bank’s central function—development lending.

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Why did the Chicken Cross the Globe?

(Full text and external link unavailable) Review in the Times Higher Educations Supplement of On the Edge edited by W. Hutton and A. Giddens. The book offers a dozen essays on “global capitalism”, ranging from insightful and incisive to ill-conceived and ill-argued. The authors include sociologists, international finance experts, policy analysts and journalists from the rich countries and a well-known activist from India.

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