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The Frankfurt chapter of my family history is full of photos taken by me and by my father during our time there, 1959-61. The photos in this gallery are not mine; they were found on the Internet over the years, or sent to me by others, and span the period 1949-1967. Sources include; Walter Elkins' massive US Army in Germany site, and some of the (many!) Frankfurt American High School Facebook groups, particularly this one. Several of the photos are from Robert Paul, who was a Frankfurt Elementary School student, 1960-62.

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Frankfurt High School

fhs_aerial_1963 mathis1 mathis2 fhs_1959 mathis3 trost01 mathis6 mathis5 trost04 fhsbuspass trost09 miss_costello misscostello1978 trost02 trost08 trost03 trost05 trost07 mathis4 trost06 trost12 trost13-boyfriend trost11 trost10

WAC Circle and PX

wac_circle_1951 wac_circle_1955 wac_circle_1960 frankfurt_px_1949 frankfurt_px_1949a frankfurt_px_1954 frankfurt_px_1956 frankfurt_px_1959 trolley17_1955 mainsnackbar pxrecordsection ankapx1962

IG Farben Building

be14 be15 be16 be17 be18 be19 be20 be21 be22 ig_farben_1959 ig_farben_pool_1948 igfarben1950s ig_farben_pool_1963

97th General Hospital

frankfurt_97thgeneral4 97thgeneral_1952 97thgeneral_1950s frankfurt_97thgeneral3 frankfurt_97thgeneral6 frankfurt_97thgeneral_sign frankfurt_97thgeneral2 97th_aerial frankfurt_97thgeneral-interior_1952 frankfurt_97thgeneral_interior_1957

Housing Areas

platenstrasse_map trost14 fes1962 hicog_drawing hicog1960b hicog1961d hicog1961m generalshousing

Teen Club

teenclub11 teenclub10 teenclub03 teenclub04 teenclub01 teenclub05 teenclub07 teenclub08 teenclub09 teenclub02 teenclub06 teenclub12

Frankfurt city

mauricemonasmith04 mauricemonasmith05 mauricemonasmith3 schumann1946b mauricemonasmith2 mauricemonasmith01 festhalle-kongresshalle-1964 domiciledujazz frankfurtstoryville

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