Hohenecken 1975

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I spent 1963-1966 in the US Army. For about two of those years I was stationed at the Kapaun Kaserne outside of Kaiserslautern, close to the small town of Hohenecken, of which I was very fond. Since there were no bars, most GIs didn't go there. But the old Gasthaus was wonderful, with the delicious hearty home cooking of die Oma, who grew her own fresh vegetables in the back yard. In 1975 I went back to visit, she was still there and remembered me. Her cooking had become legendary and the Gasthaus had grown into a Mecca for food lovers with many rooms for guests, especially since it adjoined a small mountain with a ruined castle on top, which was said to have been built by Barbarossa (it wasn't, but the one he did build in what is now Kaiserslautern no longer exists).

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