Memories of Hohenecken

Frank da Cruz
2006, updated May 2015.
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I was in the US Army in Germany 1963-66. About a year and a half of that time I was in the 3rd Armored Cavalry Division in Kaiserslautern. Actually on the outskirts in a place called Vogelweh. Behind the barracks, across some forests and fields, was the tiny peaceful town of Hohenecken, pretty much just houses plus 2 Gasthäuser and a church, overlooked by a ruined castle atop a peak high above. I took a few pictures in the early sixties, and came back to visit in 1975 and took a few more.

Hohenecken was not frequented by American GIs, who mainly preferred the bars and night life of urban Kaiserslautern. But a small group of us spent almost all our free time in Hohenecken because it was beautiful, friendly, quiet, and the primary Gasthaus (Gasthaus zum Rathaus) was so... gemütlich. In those days we called it Opa's (Grandpa's), der Opa was the owner, die Oma did the cooking and it was some of the best food I would have, ever. Also about a km's walk south there was a big swimming hole, Gelterswoog.

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